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Nick McKim

Welcome Andrea Dawkins

Nick McKim MP | Member for Franklin

Cassy O'Connor MP | Member for Denison

We welcome Andrea Dawkins as the new Greens Member for Bass with pleasure and excitement.

Her integrity and experience as a successful small business owner and Launceston Councillor will stand her in good stead, and we look forward to her joining our team and welcoming her to parliament from next week.

Forestry Tasmania - Increased Debt, No Plan to Pay it Back

Nick McKim MP | Greens Treasury spokesperson

Treasurer Peter Gutwein has today admitted that he has increased Forestry Tasmania’s debt capacity by $10 million to $41m, yet has repeatedly failed to explain how Forestry Tasmania can ever pay back the money it owes.

We know that Forestry Tasmania currently owes $27.8 million, yet the Treasurer has no idea whatsoever how and when FT can ever become financially viable.

Minister Should Support Public Hearings on Draft TWWHA Plan

Nick McKim MP | Greens Environment spokesperson

Parks Minister Matthew Groom should support public hearings into his draft management plan for the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA) at the Tasmanian Planning Commission.

Given the fact that Mr Groom’s draft management plan, which allows for logging and mining in the TWWHA, has elicited such a strongly negative response from both the United Nations and the Tasmanian people, it is imperative that the Tasmanian Planning Commission provides for public hearings when it examines the plan.

National Accounts Cast Doubt on Key Budget Assumptions

Nick McKim MP | Greens Treasury Spokesperson

The National Accounts figures released today show Tasmania's economy stagnating, and cast doubt on key assumptions in Treasurer Peter Gutwein's state budget.

Despite Mr Gutwein forecasting growth of 2.75% per annum on his budget, in the March quarter Tasmania's State Final Demand grew by just .3% in trend terms.

This is a growth rate of less than half of that predicted by Mr Gutwein's budget.


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