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Greens to Move for Independent Commission of Inquiry on Kevin Lyons and Federal Group Bribery Allegations

 Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens’ Spokesperson for Gambling

The Greens will move, in the new Parliament, for an Independent Commission of Inquiry to fully investigate the seedy history of the Federal Hotels monopoly deal, and the circumstances surrounding the extension of the Farrell family’s business into Launceston, and ultimately into pubs and clubs around the State. 

The disinfectant of sunlight must be shone on this issue, as the Federal Hotels’ Monopoly Deed comes closer to expiring.

Liberals’ Pokies Policy the Worst Case Scenario for Community

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens’ Gambling spokesperson

The Liberals have demonstrated just how deep in industry's pocket, and out of touch with the community, they are when it comes to the poker machines in the State. Their policy will entrench the harm caused, and ignite a competitive marketplace for addiction.

The evidence heard at the recent Parliamentary Inquiry made it clear, the Liberals' policy to enter into individual contracts with gaming venues is the worst case scenario.

THA Must Reconsider Approach to Pokies

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens’ Gambling spokesperson

Should the people of Tasmania choose a parliament in 2018 that supports the removal of pokies from pubs and clubs, there is ample time for businesses, which currently rely on the misfortune of those playing the pokies, to become viable.

If the letter is sent to Federal Group next year informing them that their stranglehold on pokies in Tasmania is over and that from 2023 they have to be removed from pubs and clubs, there are training services available to help that transition process.

Community Pokies Campaign Yields Fruit

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens’ Gambling spokesperson

The Greens welcome the decision from Labor to finally commit to removing pokies from pubs and clubs.

The community campaigners who have been working tirelessly should feel extremely proud of themselves for achieving this huge win for Tasmania.

With first the Greens and now Labor committed to removal of poker machines from pubs and clubs,  a power sharing Parliament can lance this boil once and for all, saving lives and livelihoods from pokies.

More Voices Against Pokies

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens’ Gambling spokesperson

The addition of the Country Women’s Association to the campaign against pokies in pubs and clubs is most welcome.

With more and more voices joining the campaign for the removal of pokies from pubs and clubs it is difficult to see how any responsible political leader could justify backing the financial interests of their donors over the communities they serve.

There are no arguments or excuses that have any merit.

Liberals’ ‘Free Beer’ Arrangement with THA Doesn’t Pass the Pub Test

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens' Gambling spokesperson 

The future of Federals Hotels' gambling monopoly Deed will be decided in the next term of Parliament.  Poker machines will be an election issue because the vast majority of voters want them out of pubs and clubs, and this election is the first time in almost fifty years that Tasmanians will have a direct say in the future of gambling in this State.

The Liberals' arrangement with the Tasmanian Hospitality Association members funding their 'Pub Test' pre-election forums is wrong on so many levels.


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