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Political Donations

Cassy O'Connor Premiers Address Reply

Parliamentary Activity - Madam Deputy Speaker, I rise on behalf of the Tasmanian Greens to deliver my response to the Premier's Address on the state of the state.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 4 Mar 2020

Donations Disclosure Laws

Parliamentary Activity - While your predecessor agreed to reform and review the Electoral Act, tepid and drawn out though it is, you appear to have walked away from any strengthening of Tasmania's nation-leading weakest donations disclosure laws.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 4 Mar 2020

Gutwein Delaying Donations Reform, Scared of a Fair Fight

Media Release - Tasmania has the weakest donations disclosure laws in the country. In Parliament today, the Premier showed again he has no interest in fixing them – despite previous acknowledgement by his predecessor that reform is needed.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 4 Mar 2020

Gutwein Must Commit to Donations Reform

Media Release - Tasmanians worried about the state of our democracy would have been even more worried after listening to Premier Peter Gutwein on ABC Radio this morning.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 14 Feb 2020

Major Parties Cash in on Secret Millions

Media Release - Two years after the gambling industry bankrolled the Tasmanian Liberals’ election win, today’s Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) annual donations returns reveal vested interests are still pouring funds in to the Liberal and Labor...

Cassy O'Connor MP - 3 Feb 2020

Gutwein Must Rethink Pokies in his 'Compassionate' Tasmania

Media Release - In his first statement as Premier, Mr Gutwein said he wanted a more compassionate Tasmania, where no one gets left behind. If this is what the new Premier really wants, he needs an immediate rethink on pokies.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 22 Jan 2020

THA Quid Pro Quo Continues

Media Release - The next installment of the Tasmanian Hospitality Association’s quid pro quo has been unveiled by their Liberal partners in government.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 9 Dec 2019

Electoral Act Review Submission - Addendum

Submission - An addendum to the Tasmanian Greens Electoral Act review submission, dealing with matters pertaining to the High Court...

Cassy O'Connor MP - 20 Feb 2019

Electoral Act Review Submission

Submission - The Tasmanian greens Submission to the Electoral Act review.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 18 Feb 2019

Democracy not for Sale

Policies - The Tasmanian Greens want to ban political donations from corporate donors and require real-time donation disclosure...

Cassy O'Connor MP - 1 Feb 2018

Hobart Private Hospital - Healthscope Lease Terms

Parliamentary Activity - Rosalie Woodruff questions the Minister for Health over the terms of the new Healthscope Lease.

Rosalie Woodruff MP - 4 Sep 2019

Donations Disclosure Laws

Parliamentary Activity - Cassy questions the Premier on his positions on the Institute for the Study of Social Change's call for the disclosure of donations over $1000, third party disclosure, real-time donations disclosure, caps on expenditure, and public funding.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 6 Aug 2019

Liberals and Labor in Lock Step on Pokies

Media Release - The lies and corruption at the heart of the 2018 State Election were laid bare by the sudden closure of the Glenorchy RSL a fortnight ago. Glenorchy RSL staff and veterans were used and abused by the Liberals and the gambling industry,...

Cassy O'Connor MP - 31 Jul 2019

Tasmanian Battlers Continue to Bleed Money to Federal Group

Media Release - The latest Tasmanian Gaming Commission data reveals that in the month of April alone, $1.5 million was poured into the EGMs in Glenorchy.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 10 Jul 2019

Liberal Motion - Federal Election 2019 Results

Parliamentary Activity - Dr WOODRUFF (Franklin) - Madam Deputy Speaker, the Greens do not support this motion. We cannot congratulate the Prime Minister for the result at the federal election because it was a result that reflects the very deep divisions in the...

Rosalie Woodruff MP - 22 May 2019

Electoral Amendment Bill 2019

Parliamentary Activity - Rosalie Woodruff delivers a Second Reading speech for the Electoral Amendment Bill 2019.

Rosalie Woodruff MP - 21 Mar 2019

Electoral Amendment Bill 2019

Parliamentary Activity - Cassy O'Connor delivers a Second Reading speech for the Electoral Amendment Bill 2019.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 21 Mar 2019

Greens Matter of Public Importance - Gambling Policy

Parliamentary Activity - Rosalie Woodruff raises the impacts of harming gambling policies in the Greens Matter of Public Importance debate.

Rosalie Woodruff MP - 21 Mar 2019

Greens Matter of Public Importance - Gambling Policy

Parliamentary Activity - Cassy O'Connor raises political interference in gambling policy from vested interests in the Greens Matter of Public Importance debate.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 21 Mar 2019

Gambling Policy

Parliamentary Activity - Cassy O'Connor questions the treasurer over tax reform proposals from Federal Group.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 21 Mar 2019

Electoral Donations Disclosure Framework

Parliamentary Activity - Cassy O'Connor questions the Premier over delays in delivering donation reforms.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 21 Mar 2019

Liberals Further Reveal Allergy to Donations Reform

Media Release - In another display of blatant heel-dragging over donations’ reform, Attorney General, Elise Archer, has announced a further two month delay on consultation of the Electoral Act review which was due to close today.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 18 Feb 2019

Visa Cancellation of Liberal and Labor Donor Demands Repayment

Media Release - The Tasmanian Liberals’ unethical decision to accept at least $30 000 from the Yuhu Group of companies, despite a warning from ASIO, has come back to bite them, with Yuhu’s founder refused re-entry to Australia because of his ties to...

Cassy O'Connor MP - 6 Feb 2019

Former Liberal Party Treasurer 'Soft Corruption' Claims on Political Donations, Spot On

Media Release - Statements from former Liberal Party Federal Treasurer and NSW MP, Michael Yabsley, confirm the urgent need for political donation reform in Tasmania.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 3 Sep 2018

Electoral Act Review Ignores the Issues

Media Release - The Tasmanian Greens’ submission to the review of the State’s electoral laws calls for root-and-branch reform of Tasmania’s uniquely opaque and malignant rules governing political donations.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 20 Jul 2018

Political Donations

Parliamentary Activity - Ms O'CONNOR question to PREMIER, Mr HODGMAN

Cassy O'Connor MP - 2 May 2018

Donations Reform 'Review' a Cop Out

Media Release - The beneficiary of Tasmania's weak donations' disclosure regime at the last election, the Premier, Will Hodgman, has announced a year-long review into electoral reforms.  This is the political equivalent of looking like you are taking...

Cassy O'Connor MP - 3 May 2018

Liberals' Foreign Investor Tax Tinkering at the Edges

Media Release - The Liberals are playing catch up on the growing level of foreign ownership and influence in Tasmania. Cashed up overseas buyers are not going to be dissuaded by a small tax hit.  The Liberals' policy will make no difference to housing...

Cassy O'Connor MP - 9 Feb 2018

Tasmanian Liberals Rake in Donations, Declare Less than a Quarter

Media Release - The latest Australian Electoral Commission disclosure returns reveal the State Liberals pocketed $2.39 million in political donations in 2016-17, but only declared the sources for $498 000.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 1 Feb 2018

Foreign Ownership and Influence

Media Release - Almost 25% of our state’s agricultural land is under a level of foreign ownership, and foreign donors are making large donations to the Liberals.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 30 Jan 2018

Greens Committed to Cleaning Up Tasmania's Democracy

Media Release - For too long, corporate donors wanting to protect their profits have used the money they tip in to the old parties as leverage for policy or legislative outcomes that are not in the best interests of the Tasmanian people.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 29 Jan 2018

Liberals' Pokies Policy the Worst Case Scenario for Community

Media Release - The Liberals have demonstrated just how deep in industry's pocket, and out of touch with the community, they are when it comes to the poker machines in the State. Their policy will entrench the harm caused, and ignite a competitive...

Andrea Dawkins - 9 Jan 2018

TEELS Westpac Credit Card Sham Costs Revealed

Media Release - The information provided through the scrutiny of Aurora Energy confirms the Tasmanian Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme (TEELS) is nothing more than a Westpac credit card gimmick, and an opportunity for the Liberals to pretend they’re doing...

Rosalie Woodruff MP - 6 Dec 2017

Liberals' 'Free Beer' Arrangement with THA Doesn't Pass the Pub Test

Media Release - The Liberals' arrangement with the Tasmanian Hospitality Association members funding their 'Pub Test' pre-election forums is wrong on so many levels.

Andrea Dawkins - 24 Nov 2017

Federal Group - Election Campaign Donations

Parliamentary Activity - Andrea Dawkins asks the Premier whether he will rule out his party accepting donations from Federal Group.

Andrea Dawkins - 1 Nov 2017

Pembroke Electorate - Liberal Party Campaign

Parliamentary Activity - Ms O'CONNOR question to PREMIER, Mr HODGMAN

Cassy O'Connor MP - 1 Nov 2017

Pokies-Free Pembroke Petition Tabled

Media Release - In Parliament this morning, and ahead of the Pembroke by-election this weekend, the Greens tabled a petition expressing the deep community concern about the damaging impact of poker machines.

Rosalie Woodruff MP - 2 Nov 2017

Liberals Refuse to Back Donations Reform

Media Release - In a week where the Premier has failed to be transparent about a $30 000 donation from a Chinese owned company which ASIO warned about in 2015, it is no surprise the Liberals support the status quo, where voters don't know until 12-18...

Cassy O'Connor MP - 1 Nov 2017

Premier Deflecting on Donations from Federal Hotels

Media Release - When asked again in Parliament today whether the Liberals will be accepting donations from Federal Hotels in the lead up to the next State election, the Premier ignored the question and attempted to deflect responsibility to his...

Andrea Dawkins - 1 Nov 2017

Premier Can't Keep Pointing the Finger at McQuestin

Media Release - Whether it’s on shady donations from foreign owned companies or the Federal Group, or dirty tricks in Pembroke, the Premier simply refuses to take responsibility for the conduct and decisions of the political party he leads.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 1 Nov 2017

Premier Must Explain Why Liberals are Taking Chinese Money

Media Release - The Premier must explain what influence has been bought by Chinese Communist Party linked businesses which donated to the Tasmanian Liberals last year.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 2 Oct 2017

Liberals' 'Individual Responsibility, Corporate Entitlement' Pokies Plan

Media Release - In an ominous sign for Tasmanians affected by problem gambling, both the Premier and the Treasurer delivered a disappointing and underwhelming response to questions on the future of the Federal gambling monopoly in Budget Estimates today.

Andrea Dawkins - 5 Jun 2017

Liberal and Labor Parties Need to Reject Federal Group Donations

Media Release - Cassy O’Connor MP | Greens' LeaderThe Convenor of the Tasmanian Greens, Rosalie Gorton-Lee, and I have today written to the Premier, Leader of the Opposition and their respective Party Directors and Secretaries calling on them to make a...

Cassy O'Connor MP - 9 May 2017

Pokies Deed Corruption Allegations Must be Heard by Parliamentary Inquiry

Media Release - The Greens welcome news that Tasmania Police have agreed to review their investigation into allegations of bribery and corruption following the fall of the Liberal Bethune Government in 1972 and the subsequent Labor Government’s granting...

Andrea Dawkins - 8 May 2017

Westpac's Return on Investment for Donations to Tasmanian Liberals?

Media Release - Having scrapped the Labor Green Government's large scale, free, energy efficiency scheme for households, community groups and small business, the Liberals have instead adopted a Harvey Norman style credit scheme to be run by Westpac.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 2 May 2017

Liberals Must Listen to Rev. Costello on Pokies

Media Release - Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens' Gambling spokespersonWorld Vision Australia's Rev. Tim Costello, admired and respected by many Liberal MPs, has openly named the pokies industry as a powerful vested interest, which runs government gambling...

- 12 Apr 2017

Donations' Disclosure Needed Before State Election

Media Release - Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens' Gambling spokespersonFollowing Prime Minister Turnbull's encouraging comments about exploring 'more timely' political donations disclosure, Premier Hodgman should follow suit.

- 2 Feb 2017

Hodgman Keeps Tasmanians in the Dark on Political Donations

Parliamentary Activity - Ms O'CONNOR question to PREMIER, Mr HODGMAN

Cassy O'Connor MP - 14 Sep 2016

Real Time Disclosure of Political Donations Needed Now

Parliamentary Activity - Cassy O'Connor MP to move—That the House:—(1)           Agrees that voters should know which corporate interests are donating how much to which political party in the lead up to an election.(2)           Acknowledges electoral donation...

Cassy O'Connor MP - 13 Sep 2016

Old Parties Refuse to Support Real Time Donations Disclosure

Media Release - The Greens are disappointed both the Liberal and Labor Parties joined together, once again, to vote against donation transparency and democratic process.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 14 Sep 2016

Democracy Demands Transparency on Donations

Media Release - Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens LeaderFirst the ACT and now Queensland have committed to the real time publication of political donations rather than making voters wait up to 18 months to find out who gave how much to which party in the lead up...

- 20 Jul 2016

Liberal Party Should Pay Back Donation from Unlawful Careers Australia

Parliamentary Activity - On 16 May 2016 the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) announced it had accepted a court enforceable undertaking from Careers Australia Group Limited (Careers Australia).

Andrea Dawkins - 26 May 2016

Liberals Have No Mandate for Federal Deal

Media Release - Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader and Treasury spokespersonThe Treasurer's Federal monopoly rhetoric in Parliament today remains empty and meaningless, despite its bombastic delivery.The simple reality is that the Liberal Government has no...

- 27 Aug 2015

Gutwein Preparing to Roll Over to Federal

Media Release - Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader and Teasury spokespersonIn Parliament today, Treasurer Peter Gutwein made it clear he is prepared to do Federal Hotels' bidding and extend the destructive gambling monopoly deal beyond 2018.

- 26 Aug 2015

Democracy Still for Sale in Tasmania

Media Release - Nick McKIm MP | Greens Justice spokespersonThe Attorney-General Vanessa Goodwin has washed her hands of any significant reform including restoring the House of Assembly to 35, introducing state based political donations disclosure laws,...

- 10 Jun 2015

State Political Donation Disclosure Reform

Media Release - The upcoming Local Government elections again highlight the need for the disclosure of political donations in Tasmania.

Nick Mckim - 23 Jul 2014