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Port Arthur

2019 Government Businesses Scrutiny Committee - Port Arthur

Parliamentary Activity - Full transcript of the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority hearings in the 2019 Government Businesses Scrutiny Committee.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 3 Dec 2019

Firearms Inquiry Affirms Need to Maintain Strong Gun Laws

Media Release - Health professionals, police officers, survivors, and child safety advocates were united in their overwhelming opposition to any attempts to weaken gun laws.

Rosalie Woodruff MP - 27 Nov 2019

Condolence Motion - Honourable Timothy Andrew Fischer AC

Parliamentary Activity - Madam Deputy Speaker, on behalf of Dr Woodruff and me, I also want to take a moment to reflect on the life of, and pay tribute to, Tim Fischer.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 3 Sep 2019

Heritage Register

Parliamentary Activity - Ms O'CONNOR question to MINISTER for HERITAGE, Mr HODGMAN

Cassy O'Connor MP - 21 May 2019

Firearm Laws Inquiry

Parliamentary Activity - That -(1)  A select committee be appointed with power to send for persons and papers to inquire into and report upon current firearms laws, with the following terms of reference -

Rosalie Woodruff MP - 29 Aug 2018

Gun Control Laws

Parliamentary Activity - Dr WOODRUFF question to PREMIER, Mr HODGMAN -

Rosalie Woodruff MP - 2 May 2018

Labor Thumbs Community on Fish Farms

Media Release - Labor’s fish farm policy is identical to the Liberals in essence. It would continue the short-term smash and grab farming of salmon in inshore waters, harbours and channels.

Rosalie Woodruff MP - 14 Feb 2018

Tassal's "Off-Shore" Spin

Media Release - Tassal’s so-called “commitment to Tasmania” in moving their operations apparently “off-shore” is simply a PR exercise. It seems to be designed to secure their share price and water down the intense public scrutiny of their activities, and...

Rosalie Woodruff MP - 17 Nov 2017

Salmon Industry Growth Plan

Parliamentary Activity - Ms WOODRUFF question to MINISTER for PRIMARY INDUSTRIES and WATER, Mr ROCKLIFF

Rosalie Woodruff MP - 16 Aug 2017

Gun Safety Bill A Priority

Media Release - A new shotgun on the market, the Adler 110, can fire off 6 shots in about 6 seconds and can be legally owned by anyone with a gun licence in Tasmania. At least 7,000 have been purchased in Australia, and several hundred of these are...

Rosalie Woodruff MP - 1 May 2016

Federal Hotels' $25M Bluff

Media Release - Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader and Treasury spokespersonThe Federal Group's announcement today that its proposed $25M development at Port Arthur will go ahead whether they have a long term extension to the pokies monopoly Deed or not,...

Cassy O'Connor MP - 15 Apr 2016

Barnett Appointment Purely Political

Media Release - In GBE Estimates today, Heritage Minister Matthew Groom was unable to point to any experience the new Chair of the Maria Island Working Group has in natural or cultural management and unable to deny that installing Liberal Lyons MP, Guy...

Cassy O'Connor MP - 2 Dec 2015