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Primary Industries

Ecosystems and Primary Producers Left High and Dry

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens Water spokesperson 

In Parliament today, the Minister for Primary Industries confirmed he has no plan to manage our delicate river ecosystems during our state's dry times ahead.

Whilst we maintain a balanced approach to water resource management, which must consider highly the needs of our valuable agriculture industries, it must not be at the expense of our environment.

Government Stubbornness Compromising Biosecurity

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens Primary Industries spokesperson

Biosecurity Tasmania plays a vital role in protecting Tasmania's agribusinesses and must be funded appropriately.

The government had fair warning that underfunding and understaffing Biosecurity Tas would not be accepted by the overworked staff for much longer.

Our biosecurity is being compromised by the government's stubbornness and that's putting all of our primary industries at risk.

Water Fears for Little Forester River

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens Water spokesperson

There is growing community concern that the Little Forester River near Bridport is being drained by individual farmers.

Minister Rockliff has been made aware of the situation and he needs to act immediately.

The government need to make sure the Little Forester River is being monitored now, and over the ongoing dry summer.

Hemp Bill Welcome

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens Primary Industries spokesperson

The Greens were pleased to support legislation tabled by the government to authorise and regulate an industrial hemp industry in Tasmania.

The uses of hemp are vast and varied. It can be used for anything from food culture to sustainable housing material. 

Hemp has the potential to boost to our economy and jobs market significantly, if marketed well and managed successfully.

Biosecurity Cuts Would Put Tasmania at Risk

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens Primary Industries spokesperson

Threats to Biosecurity Tasmania's budget are a real concern for our economy and clean, green brand.

Minister Rockliff has casually ignored the very real biosecurity threats to Tasmania from imports and tourist arrivals by only commenting on major produce exporters.

Paying overtime to maintain basic services is expensive and clunky. While overtime is a workplace right, it's no fix for the underlying needs in Biosecurity Tasmania.

Departments Struggling Under Liberal Regime

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens Primary Industries spokesperson

Biosecurity Tasmania are another victim of the Hodgman regime slash and burn policy directed at the State’s public sector.

Our healthcare and education systems have been hit hard by the continual cuts and now we are seeing the Ministers’ very own departments being pushed to their limits to try and deliver outcomes with minimal resourcing.


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