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Pulp Mill

Greens Table Pulp Mill Assessment Repeal Bill

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens' Member for Bass

I was proud to table the Pulp Mill Assessment Repeal Bill 2017 in Parliament today on behalf of the Greens. If supported, this Bill would provide real closure for Northern Tasmanians.

The Tamar Valley community has been left hanging, uncertain about potential future developments while Gunns’ receivers had the site and associated permits for a new pulp mill up for sale. 

Greens to Move to Repeal Pulp Mill Assessment Act

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens' Member for Bass 

The expiration of the pulp mill permits means the Tamar Valley community is one step closer to ending this sorry saga that has plagued them for fifteen years.  People within that community were vilified and abused for standing up for their right to live in a place with clean air and water.

The Greens will be moving to repeal the Pulp Mill Assessment Act in the next session of parliament, so Tamar Valley residents, and all Tasmanians, can finally rest assured.

No FSC Means no Social Licence for Pulp Mill

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens Environment spokesperson

The only way for a pulp mill to be viable in the Tamar Valley is for the FSC accreditation for our forests, which is proving to be problematic, and issues such as dioxin run off and carbon emissions would need to be addressed.  To date the latter has never even been considered.

Viability has really only been assured in terms of construction, and on the back of current global and domestic economic factors.  But, the question still remains; where is the wood going to come from? 

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