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Shree Minerals

Brooks Evasive on Shree Minerals, EPA Decision

When Mr Brooks in opposition he was the loudest cheerleader for Shree Minerals. He talked them up as the saviour of the north-west coast and the mine as a jobs bonanza. 

Cassy O'Connor MP  |  Parliamentary Activity  |  24 May 2016

Brooks Evasive on Potential Political Interference with Shree

Mining Minister Adam Brooks still has questions to answer over potential political interference in the EPA's decision to give Shree Minerals the legal equivalent of a talking-to for breaching their environmental permit.

Cassy O'Connor MP  |  Media Release  |  24 May 2016

Serious Questions Over Shree Permit

There are serious questions to be answered about the Environment Protection Authority's decision to allow Shree Minerals to apply for a new permit to operate their Nelson River mine in the Tarkine.

Cassy O'Connor MP  |  Media Release  |  21 May 2016

Shree Permit Must be Cancelled

In the wake of news that Shree Minerals has failed to clean up its acid producing waste after fifteen months, it's reasonable to ask why the company's once biggest cheerleader, now Mining Minister, Adam Brooks, is missing in action.

Cassy O'Connor MP  |  Media Release  |  18 May 2016

EPA 'Unlawful' Permit Amendments

The EPA must now move to ensure Shree Minerals fully rehabilitates any mining activity undertaken under the company’s amended permit.

Nick Mckim  |  Media Release  |  17 Dec 2014

Shree Minerals Drops Tarkine Mine Lease

Shree Minerals’ welcome Rebecca Creek exploration licence relinquishment should now help focus efforts into diversification of the north-west economy.

Kim Booth  |  Media Release  |  1 Aug 2014

EPA Decision validates Court Action

The Supreme Court decision demonstrates the folly of the Liberal government’s intention to ‘crack down on third party appeals’.

Nick Mckim  |  Media Release  |  18 Jun 2014

Shree Minerals Deception

Despite Shree Minerals telling the media in May that ‘it has not made any decision to halt production,’ barely weeks into June we see production cease.

Kim Booth  |  Media Release  |  10 Jun 2014

Mining Threat to Tarkine

Many people, including financial analysts, had warned that the iron ore market would drop.

Kim Booth  |  Media Release  |  23 May 2014