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Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian Devil - Threat to Habitat

Parliamentary Activity - Do you agree that your colleague, Mr Barnett's plan to allow logging of high conservation value forests on the Tasman Peninsula from 1 July 2020 is a threat to the devil?

Cassy O'Connor MP - 26 Sep 2018

Call for Hodgman Liberal Government to Reject Committee Recommendation on DGR Status for Environmental Groups

Parliamentary Activity - The House of Representatives Environmental Standing Committee recommended that environmental groups carry out 25% of their activities in remediation works if they are to qualify for deductible gift recipient (DGR) status.

Rosalie Woodruff MP - 5 May 2016

Call for Government to Roll Out Virtual Fencing to Reduce Wildlife Fatalities

Parliamentary Activity - Andrea Dawkins tables a motion calling on the government to develop a fiscal strategy to roll out virtual fencing around the State.

Andrea Dawkins - 3 May 2016

Wildlife Crossings Needed to Reduce Roadkill

Parliamentary Activity - Andrea Dawkins tables a motion calling on the government to undertake assessment of the impact of road deaths on Tasmania’s wildlife as well as a cost analysis of the construction of further fencing solutions and wildlife road crossings.

Andrea Dawkins - 27 Aug 2015

Is Minister De-listing 12 Threatened Species?

Media Release - Environment Minister, Matthew Groom, has not denied he intends to delist 12 native animal species from the Tasmanian List of Threatened Species.

Andrea Dawkins - 18 Aug 2015

Liberals Must Act on Fireworks Threat to Tassie Devils

Media Release - Treasurer Peter Gutwein must ensure that any fireworks permits issued for within one kilometre of the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary are cancelled before fireworks night tomorrow.

Nick Mckim - 29 May 2015

Minister Needs to Get Serious About Devils

Media Release - Greens Environment spokesperson Nick McKim MP today indicated that if Environment Minister Matthew Groom is serious about the Tasmanian Devil becoming the State’s animal ambassador he should insist that the ban on 1080, which he supported...

Nick Mckim - 12 Jan 2015