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Gutwein Delaying Donations Reform, Scared of a Fair Fight

Media Release - Tasmania has the weakest donations disclosure laws in the country. In Parliament today, the Premier showed again he has no interest in fixing them – despite previous acknowledgement by his predecessor that reform is needed.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 4 Mar 2020

Gutwein Must Commit to Donations Reform

Media Release - Tasmanians worried about the state of our democracy would have been even more worried after listening to Premier Peter Gutwein on ABC Radio this morning.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 14 Feb 2020

Major Parties Cash in on Secret Millions

Media Release - Two years after the gambling industry bankrolled the Tasmanian Liberals’ election win, today’s Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) annual donations returns reveal vested interests are still pouring funds in to the Liberal and Labor...

Cassy O'Connor MP - 3 Feb 2020

Labor and Liberals Vote Against Question Time Clean Up

Media Release - United in their opposition to transparency and scrutiny, both Labor and the Liberals voted against the Greens’ move to clean up Question Time and restrict the amount of time Ministers can waffle on, not answering questions.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 24 Sep 2019

Adjournment - Questions on the Notice Paper

Parliamentary Activity - Cassy discusses unanswered questions on notice and backbencher dorothy dixers during the Adjournment.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 3 Sep 2019

Labor Matter of Public Importance - Answers to Questions

Parliamentary Activity - This matter relates to one of the most important functions of this House in the Westminster system and that is to scrutinise government, government ministers, and legislation that is put forward and, through that, to try to improve public...

Cassy O'Connor MP - 6 Aug 2019

Donations Disclosure Laws

Parliamentary Activity - Cassy questions the Premier on his positions on the Institute for the Study of Social Change's call for the disclosure of donations over $1000, third party disclosure, real-time donations disclosure, caps on expenditure, and public funding.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 6 Aug 2019

Right To Information Amendment (Applications For Review) Bill 2019 - Second Reading

Parliamentary Activity - We will be supporting the legislation, but it is grindingly frustrating to know that we have been here before.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 30 Jul 2019

Adjournment - Answers to Questions on Notice

Parliamentary Activity - It has long been the practice of governments to provide the answers that are asked during Estimates scrutiny during that week or by the end of that week. This Government just does not care.

Rosalie Woodruff MP - 13 Jun 2019

Coordinator-General - Right to Information Request for Release of Diary

Parliamentary Activity - Ms O'CONNOR question to PREMIER, Mr HODGMAN

Cassy O'Connor MP - 21 May 2019

Coordinator General Secrecy Continues

Media Release - The Premier refused to commit his government to releasing information about how the highly paid Coordinator General spends his time and with whom he meets on the taxpayer’s coin.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 21 May 2019

Right to Information Report Confirms Hodgman Government's Culture of Secrecy

Media Release - The latest Right to Information Annual Report highlights what everyone who has lodged an application already knows – this system, by the Hodgman Government’s direction, is broken.

Rosalie Woodruff MP - 2 May 2019

Liberals Further Reveal Allergy to Donations Reform

Media Release - In another display of blatant heel-dragging over donations’ reform, Attorney General, Elise Archer, has announced a further two month delay on consultation of the Electoral Act review which was due to close today.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 18 Feb 2019

RTI Delays and Secrecy Routine Under Hodgman Liberals

Media Release - Tasmania bottoms the nation in information transparency, with updated Right to Information (RTI) figures revealed in today’s The Guardian, along with damning comments from the State Ombudsman.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 14 Jan 2019

Minister Jaensch Clutching at Straws

Media Release - The long delayed release of data on housing, children and disabilities shows modest improvement in only one area of Minister Jaensch’s portfolio responsibility and even with that, it is still taking more than a year to find homes for high...

Cassy O'Connor MP - 11 Jan 2019

Tasmania Bottom of the Nation on Transparency

Media Release - The Liberals’ undermining of Tasmania’s democracy through heel-dragging on political donations and continued lack of commitment to transparency in government has Tasmania lagging the nation.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 29 Oct 2018

Media Guidelines for Parliament of Tasmania

Parliamentary Activity - Cassy O'Connor questions the Premier over over-reaching media guidelines prohibiting journalists 'lingering in corridors and speaking to MPs', photographs being taken of divisions, disturbances in the Chamber and 'unparliamentary behaviour...

Cassy O'Connor MP - 18 Oct 2018

Labor Matter of Public Importance - Integrity

Parliamentary Activity - Ms O'CONNOR (Clark - Leader of the Greens) - Thanks, Mr Deputy Speaker; the Premier was talking at the time.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 17 Oct 2018

Former Liberal Party Treasurer 'Soft Corruption' Claims on Political Donations, Spot On

Media Release - Statements from former Liberal Party Federal Treasurer and NSW MP, Michael Yabsley, confirm the urgent need for political donation reform in Tasmania.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 3 Sep 2018

Donations Reform 'Review' a Cop Out

Media Release - The beneficiary of Tasmania's weak donations' disclosure regime at the last election, the Premier, Will Hodgman, has announced a year-long review into electoral reforms.  This is the political equivalent of looking like you are taking...

Cassy O'Connor MP - 3 May 2018

Tasmanian Liberals Rake in Donations, Declare Less than a Quarter

Media Release - The latest Australian Electoral Commission disclosure returns reveal the State Liberals pocketed $2.39 million in political donations in 2016-17, but only declared the sources for $498 000.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 1 Feb 2018

Greens Committed to Cleaning Up Tasmania's Democracy

Media Release - For too long, corporate donors wanting to protect their profits have used the money they tip in to the old parties as leverage for policy or legislative outcomes that are not in the best interests of the Tasmanian people.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 29 Jan 2018

Hodgman Must Act on Integrity Commission Recommendations, For Once

Media Release - With the Hodgman Liberals in the spotlight over claims of nepotism and misconduct, the Integrity Commission’s recommendations released today are overdue.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 6 Dec 2017

Hodgman's Chickens Coming Home to Roost

Media Release - In the last sitting week of Parliament under the Hodgman Liberals, all the Premier’s chickens are coming home to roost.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 28 Nov 2017

Buck Stops with Hodgman on Conflicts of Interests in State Service

Media Release - Throughout this term of government, the Liberals have shown a disregard for proper process and the avoidance of conflict of interest within their own ranks.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 21 Nov 2017

Liberals Refuse to Back Donations Reform

Media Release - In a week where the Premier has failed to be transparent about a $30 000 donation from a Chinese owned company which ASIO warned about in 2015, it is no surprise the Liberals support the status quo, where voters don't know until 12-18...

Cassy O'Connor MP - 1 Nov 2017

TasTAFE Investigation Highlights Need for Crime of Misconduct in Public Office

Media Release - The investigation into TasTAFE has highlighted the need for there to be a crime of misconduct in public office on the Tasmanian statutes.

Andrea Dawkins - 5 Jul 2017

Groom's CH Smith 'Project Chase' Evasion

Media Release - Minister Groom's continued obfuscation over the government's involvement in the CH Smith project raises far more questions than it answers.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 6 Jun 2017

Westpac's Return on Investment for Donations to Tasmanian Liberals?

Media Release - Having scrapped the Labor Green Government's large scale, free, energy efficiency scheme for households, community groups and small business, the Liberals have instead adopted a Harvey Norman style credit scheme to be run by Westpac.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 2 May 2017

Greens Welcome New Integrity Commission CEO

Media Release - The Tasmanian Greens welcome the overdue appointment of a new CEO to head the State's Integrity Commission.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 22 Apr 2017

Public Accounts Committee - Appearance of Treasurer

Parliamentary Activity - Ms O'CONNOR question to PREMIER, Mr HODGMAN[10.14 a.m.]

Cassy O'Connor MP - 4 Apr 2017

Liberals Vote Against Closing RTI Act Loophole

Media Release - Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens' LeaderDespite knowing Right to Information decisions have been made by Ministers' delegates that are unable to be reviewed, the Liberals voted not to close a loophole in the Right to Information Act 2009.The...

- 15 Mar 2017

Liberals Treat Public's Right to Know with Contempt

Media Release - Late yesterday, the Tasmanian Greens finally received the response to a Right to Information request we lodged on the 22nd of November last year.  It was almost three months behind the timeframe for the release of information under the Act...

Cassy O'Connor MP - 10 Mar 2017

Liberals Break Right to Information Law

Media Release - Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens' Leader and Human Services spokespersonThe Liberals have instituted a culture of secrecy and contempt for Right to Information which is infecting the entire government.  Minister Petrusma’s approach to Right to...

- 8 Mar 2017

Donations' Disclosure Needed Before State Election

Media Release - Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens' Gambling spokespersonFollowing Prime Minister Turnbull's encouraging comments about exploring 'more timely' political donations disclosure, Premier Hodgman should follow suit.

- 2 Feb 2017

Old Parties Refuse to Support Real Time Donations Disclosure

Media Release - The Greens are disappointed both the Liberal and Labor Parties joined together, once again, to vote against donation transparency and democratic process.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 14 Sep 2016

Secret, Closed Door Deals through Office of Coordinator General

Media Release - Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens LeaderThe Tasmanian people have a right to know about major development proposals that impact on their communities and the environment, yet the Liberals' secretive enabling processes for developers are shutting...

- 7 Sep 2016

Barnett Must Leave His Prejudices at the Cabinet Door

Media Release - Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens LeaderTasmanians may be surprised that Premier Hodgman has chosen the same person who led the witch hunt into the sale of the Triabunna woodchip mill as their new Minister for Resources, including forestry.

- 12 Jul 2016

Forestry EOI Process Won't Revive Native Forest Logging

Media Release - The Minister for Forests is dreaming if he believes there is a viable future in native forest woodchip or whole log exports without significant economic and environmental cost to Tasmania.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 8 Jul 2016

TT Line Confirms Secrecy Requested on North Melbourne Deal

Media Release - In Budget Estimates today, the Premier confirmed that it was the TT Line which requested that details of its sponsorship deal with the North Melbourne Football Club be kept secret.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 6 Jun 2016

Right to Information Amendment Bill Tabled

Media Release - Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader The Greens are moving to address an apparent loophole in the Right to Information Act 2009 which allows a Minister to delegate decision making powers to staff, whose decisions are then not able to be...

- 24 May 2016

Not Enough Transparency over New Minister's Business Interests

Media Release - Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens LeaderThe new Minister for Mining, Adam Brooks is already in an awkward position in relation to his current business interests.  Mr Brooks’ company provides maintenance services to mining companies here,...

- 19 Feb 2016

Transparency on Education Secretary's Appointment Crucial

Media Release - Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens Education spokespersonThe government needs to be completely open about the appointment of the new Secretary of the Department of Education.

- 23 Dec 2015

Beresford Wins Tasmanian Book Prize

Media Release - Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens LeaderRosalie Woodruff MP | Greens Member for FranklinAndrea Dawkins MP | Greens Member for BassThe Tasmanian Greens MPs enthusiastically congratulate Quentin Beresford on winning the Tasmania Book Prize with his...

- 3 Dec 2015

China Deals Clear as Mud

Media Release - Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader The Liberals pontificated all through question time about their 'open for business' motto but still failed to answer questions about deals with Chinese entities or provide the MOUs that accompany them and...

- 17 Nov 2015

Details on Entura Needed Now

Media Release - Rosalie Woodruff MP | Greens Energy spokespersonThe government needs to release the Memorandum of Understanding detailing the relationship between HydroChina, owned by the Chinese government, and Entura.

- 4 Nov 2015

Groom Latest Example of Parliamentary Contempt

Media Release - Minister Groom is the latest offender in the Liberal's contempt for transparent governance and ministerial accountability.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 15 Oct 2015

Government Neuters Public Sector Watchdog

Media Release - The government is actively undermining the Integrity Commission. They've cut their funding and failed to act on any of the recommendations from the three year review, and now they're only appointing an Acting CEO.

Rosalie Woodruff MP - 4 Oct 2015

Integrity Commission Right on Gift Policy Problems

Media Release - Rosalie Woodruff MP | Greens Justice spokesperson The Greens welcome the Integrity Commission’s investigation of gift policies in the public sector.It is standard practice in public and private agencies throughout Australia to reject gifts...

- 22 Sep 2015

Premier's Claim of Transparent Government in Tatters

Media Release - There are currently 29 appeals against Right to Information decisions awaiting decisions from the Ombudsman, with one appeal that has been with the Ombudsman for over 12 months.

Nick Mckim - 10 Jun 2015