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Respect For Tasmania's First People

Policies - The Tasmanian Greens support changing the date of Australia day, working towards Treaty, establishing Reconciliation...

Cassy O'Connor MP - 1 Mar 2018

Estimates Reply - Minister Petrusma

Parliamentary Activity - We asked the Minister for Women if she was on the Expenditure Review Committee of Cabinet and the answer we received from Mrs Petrusma is that Cabinet matters are a matter for Cabinet.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 13 Jun 2019

National Sorry Day

Media Release - National Sorry Day is an opportunity to reflect on the wrongs that have yet to be righted for the palawa/pakana people of Tasmania.

Cassy O'Connor MP - 26 May 2019

Liberals fail Leadership Test

Media Release - Discussions around treaty need to be entered into with an open mind and an open heart, but Premier Hodgman it would seem is just like the rest of them; happy to live off the fat of the land and provide only token gestures of land returns.

Kim Booth - 1 May 2014