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Wombat Mange

Protecting Tasmania's Wombats

Policies - The Tasmanian Greens want to ensure that adequate protections and recovery plans are in place for wombat mange...

Andrea Dawkins - 30 Oct 2017

Courtney Reveals Extended Licences to Hunt Wombats

Media Release - Primary Industries Minister, Sarah Courtney, has revealed the Liberals’ plans to extend licences to shoot native wildlife, including wombats suffering from the deadly sarcoptic mange.  

Cassy O'Connor MP - 22 Aug 2018

Greens Release Plan to Save Tasmania's Wombats

Media Release - The severe outbreak of wombat mange in 2010 has led to a likely extinction of the wombat population in Narawntapu National Park. Since then, this problem has become far more widespread.

Andrea Dawkins - 7 Oct 2017

Wombat Culls Must Be Banned

Media Release - The government’s announcement that three of the four current wombat cull permits are to be revoked comes after months of pressure from the community, in large part the Wombat Warriors, and support of the Greens in Parliament.

Andrea Dawkins - 15 Jun 2017

Estimates questions on Wombats to Minister Rockliff

Parliamentary Activity - Andrea Dawkins asks the minister if he has reassessed his cull permit system, considering the outbreak of mange in the wombat population and the localised extinctions.

Andrea Dawkins - 8 Jun 2017

Wombat Mange Needs Real Government Action

Media Release - The government's announcement of $100,000 is a positive step, but much more needs to be done to save the Tasmanian wombat population from the spread of sarcoptic mange.

Andrea Dawkins - 13 Mar 2017