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Wombat Warriors

Adjournment - Native Animal Numbers and Culling

Parliamentary Activity - Rosalie Woodruff speaks during the adjournment on the absence of proper population modelling to inform the crop protection permit regime.

Rosalie Woodruff MP - 4 Sep 2019

Estimates questions on Wombats to Minister Rockliff

Parliamentary Activity - Andrea Dawkins asks the minister if he has reassessed his cull permit system, considering the outbreak of mange in the wombat population and the localised extinctions.

Andrea Dawkins - 8 Jun 2017

Estimates questions on Wombats to Minister Groom

Parliamentary Activity - Andrea Dawkins questions the Minister over the issuing of culling permits for wombats while community members are treating them to combat sarcoptic mange.

Andrea Dawkins - 6 Jun 2017