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Final Motion (Moved by Greens) - Motion negatived.
Wednesday, 16 September 2020 - Motion, Conservation Covenants and Zoning

Final Motion

A Motion being made and the Question being proposed – That the House:

(1)          Acknowledges conservation covenants established under the 'Nature Conservation Act 2002' make a critical contribution to protection of natural values, ecosystem services and biodiversity.

(2)          Notes there are 890 conservation covenants on private land, covering approximately 110,000 hectares.

(3)          Further notes with concern that, as a result of changes to the planning system, the Gutwein Government is seeking to have all covenants on private land zoned Rural use.

(4)          Further notes this zoning allows for resource extraction, including logging and mining.

(5)          Further notes the new Landscape Conservation zoning category prohibits resource extraction such as logging and mining.

(6)          Further notes the Department of State Growth is writing to Councils tasked with rezoning conservation covenants under the State Planning Provisions (SPP) urging rejection of Landscape Conservation zoning, on the basis it would have a, “sterilising effect on rural land … and potential to limit future resource use and development.”.

(7)          Recognises each established conservation covenant was agreed between private landowners and the Crown, represented by the Minister for Environment and Parks, Hon. Roger Jaensch MP on the basis of protection in perpetuity.

(8)          Further notes there has been no engagement by the Environment Minister with covenant land holders in relation to this proposed weakening of protections, and agrees this is disrespectful at best.

(9)          Agrees the most appropriate zoning for all land under conservation covenant is Landscape Conservation.

(10)        Calls on the Minister for Planning, Hon. Roger Jaensch MP who is also the Minister for Environment and Parks, to issue a Planning Directive to ensure covenanted land is protected from resource extraction through Landscape Conservation zoning across all municipalities. 


Greens, Ogilvie


Labor, Liberals

Final Motion Negatived