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Final Motion (Moved by Liberals) - Motion passed without division.
Wednesday, 25 September 2019 - Motion, Extension School Program

Original Motion

(1)           Supports the Hodgman majority Liberal Government’s extension school program, which enables greater options for every young Tasmanian to continue to senior secondary education, regardless of their geographical location or personal circumstances.

(2)           Notes that since the introduction of the program in 2015, it has been embraced by the school communities across Tasmania including district and high schools at Campbell Town, St Marys, St Helens, Oatlands, Sorell and the Tasman.

(3)           Commends Extension School staff, students and communities for working collaboratively to drive change in retention and improve attainment.

(4)           Acknowledges that extension schools and colleges work in partnerships to support and ensure senior secondary education is tailored to each students individual needs and learning is at the heart of the extension school initiative.

(5)           Further commends the 43 schools across the State now offering Years 11 and 12, which far exceeds the initial target.

Final Motion Passed