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Final Motion (Moved by Liberals) - Motion passed without division.
Wednesday, 11 September 2019 - Motion, Labor Party Plans for Future

Original Motion

That the House:—

(1)           Notes the continued failure of the Tasmanian Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Rebecca White MP to develop a long-term Plan for Tasmania, after two and a half years in the role.

(2)           Further notes the inconsistency of the Opposition on whether former Labor candidates will be invited and accepted back into the Labor Party if they are successful in the recount for the seat of Clark.

(3)           Further notes that the chaos and dysfunction within the Opposition has resulted in the unprecedented intervention of former Labor senior figures including former Premiers Paul Lennon and David Bartlett, and former MPs Harry Quick and Julian Amos to restore policy consistency.

(4)           Agrees with the comments of former Labor MHR Harry Quick, who said the Tasmanian Opposition Leader was “out of touch” and “fixated on peripheral issues”.

(5)           Further agrees with the sentiment of the Derwent Valley Branch of the Labor Party expressed in its motion at the recent State Labor Council stating “we cannot expect people to vote for us without greater clarity about what we stand for and present it in a manner that is specific to them and is easily identified”.

(6)           Calls on the Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Rebecca White MP, to develop a long-term Plan for Tasmania, to develop an alternative budget and be honest with the community on what her party can and cannot deliver for Tasmanians.

Final Motion Passed