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Final Motion (Moved by Greens) - Motion negatived.
Wednesday, 27 November 2019 - Motion, Logging in TFA Second Tranche Forests

Subject of Debate

That the House:—

  1. Recognises that in time of accelerating climate change and increasing CO2 emissions, natural carbon stores must be protected.

  2. Agrees that in a climate emergency and biodiversity crisis there is no economic, social or environmental justification for logging old forests and releasing their carbon stores into the atmosphere.

  3. Understands that Tasmanian natural, carbon rich forests are being logged at an accelerating pace under the Liberals, with hundreds of thousands of hectares more available for logging in April 2020.

  4. Commits to protecting the 356,000 ha Tasmanian Forest Agreement second tranche reserve forests.




Labor, Liberals, Ogilvie

Final Motion Negatived