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Other (Moved by Greens) - Seeking of leave to suspend standing orders to move a Motion without Notice of censure.
Thursday, 26 September 2019 - Motion, Motion of Censure in all Members

Original Motion

That this House censures Elise Archer, Guy Barnett, Shane Broad, Jenna Butler, Sarah Courtney, Anita Dow, Michael Ferguson, Peter Gutwein, Eloise Haddad, Susannne Hickey, William Hodgman, Jennifer Houston, Roger Jaensch, David O'Byrne, Jacqueline Petrusma, Jeremy Rockliff, Joan Rylah, Mark Shelton, Alison Standen, John Tucker and Rebecca White on the following grounds -

1. The members' failure to offer meaningful support to young people in their fight for a safe climate;

2.The members' failure to stand up to their federal colleagues' shameful advocacy for the coal, oil and gas industries, as well their willingness to accept donations from these industries' ;

3. The members' shameful support for logging natural forest carbon banks;  and

4. The members' complicity in global climate and environmental vandalism that has led to a climate and biodiversity emergency.




Hickey, Labor, Liberals, Ogilvie

Other Negatived