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Final Motion (Moved by Greens) - Motion negatived.
Wednesday, 19 August 2020 - Motion, Native Forest Logging

Final Motion

A Motion being made and the Question being proposed – That the House:—

(1)          Acknowledges that the planet is experiencing a human-induced climate and biodiversity crisis and agrees there is no justification for native forest logging.

(2)          Notes that Sustainable’ Timber Tasmania (STT) continues to clearfell and burn old forests that are critical habitat for rare, threatened and endangered species.

(3)          Recognises STT’s second and most recent failure to obtain Forest Stewardship Certification is a damning indictment on logging practices under the Liberal Government.

(4)          Notes SGS Global’s audit has shown how far from meeting the Forrest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards STT are, with ten major non-conformities identified.

(5)          Recognises ethical global markets and consumers do not want wood products sourced from old growth forests, nor do most Tasmanians.

(6)          Acknowledges the audit called for all old growth forests to be protected from logging.

(7)          Recognises the audit was scathing of the Government logging in swift parrot habitat, finding:—

(a)          STT logged swift parrot habitat despite expert advice warning against it;

(b)          even with STTs set aside area of less than10,000 ha, swift parrot habitat would still be logged within areas subject to the Government’s unreleased Public Authority Management Agreement (PAMA);

(c)          the proposed PAMA does not apply to significant critical swift parrot habitat along the East Coast, South East and in the North West.

(8)          Agrees the Minister for Resources, Hon. Guy Barnett MP's claims that STT logging practices are 'world class' is fraudulent.

(9)          Calls on the Government to end native forest logging in Tasmania to protect critical habitat and forest carbon stores.




Labor, Liberals, Ogilvie

Final Motion Negatived