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Other (Moved by Greens) - Seeking of leave to make a Motion without Notice.
Thursday, 24 September 2020 - Motion, No Confidence in Minister for Housing

Subject of Debate

That Ms O’Connor have leave to make a Motion without Notice.

Original Motion

That the House has no confidence in the Minister for Housing for the following reasons -

(1) In response to questioning on 24 September 2020, the minister said he is not aware of any decision to make it easier to evict tenants without genuine or just reason.

(2) A Cabinet minute shows that a previous Cabinet decision was made to remove the genuine or just requirement from section 45 of the Residential Tenancy Act 1997.

(3) It is implausible that the minister was not aware of a Cabinet decision in his portfolio.

(4) The minister has misled the House over a serious matter of fairness and reasonableness in his portfolio.


Greens, Labor


Liberals, Ogilvie

Other Negatived