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Final Motion (Moved by Liberals) - Motion passed without division.
Tuesday, 17 March 2020 - Motion, Sessional Orders Amendment (COVID-19 Arrangements)

Final Motion

A Motion being made and the Question being proposed – That for the remainder of this Session:

(1) Sessional Order 18, paragraph (a) be amended by leaving out “be at Six o’clock p.m..” and insert instead “be no later than 5.25 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays; and 2:30 p.m. on Wednesdays”. 

(2) Standing Order 119 be amended by leaving out “in the Member’s place”.

(3) Standing Order 76 be suspended.

Subject of Debate

18 Days and time of meeting.

Unless otherwise ordered:-

(a) The time for the ordinary meeting of the House shall be at Ten o'clock a.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and adjournment of the House shall be at Six o'clock p.m.



119 Members to address Speaker standing.

A Member desiring to speak shall rise in the Member’s place and shall address the Speaker, or may address the Speaker from a lectern in the case of...


76 Matters of Public Importance.

(1) After formal business has been dealt with, the Speaker shall call for a motion to note a matter of public importance, such matter having been submitted to the Speaker for perusal not later than 30 minutes before the House meets.

(2) One such matter per day may be raised and Members may speak for not more than seven minutes each and debate on each matter shall be restricted to a total of thirty-five minutes.

(3) At the commencement of each Parliament, priority shall be determined by the House as to the allocation of days between the Opposition and any other party or independent Member, to raise a matter of public importance.

(4) On Tuesdays and Wednesdays priority shall be given to the Opposition to raise a Matter of Public Importance and on Thursdays priority shall be given to Members other than the Opposition. Government Private Members shall only be given priority on every third sitting week.

Final Motion Passed